Thursday, April 2, 2009


A new breed of collectible card game is due out in a few days. Called Herobits, its object of the game is mostly the same as other card games, to defeat your opponent’s Herobits character. You can check out the site more regarding information about its story, art, game play and more. The art is pretty neat and with up to 4 card types, you have more possibilities to use which certain card in certain situations. Characters are drawn and colored much the same way like comics are. Currently, 3 main characters are introduced while more characters are under way to be released. Art creation of these Herobits cards are designed and made possible by artists from around the world who have proven that their skills are not any of the ordinary.

If you wish to be a retailer of this soon to be new card collection sensation, send them a message in their site to contact them so they can arrange promotional materials and information on how to get Herobits into your store. If you wish to be alerted once Herobits starts its launch, join their subscription list and be a part of this new and amazing card game.

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HEROBITS said...

I know...Herobits is a cool game.


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