Monday, April 27, 2009


This great great show is a must see in Disney's MGM theme park in Orlando, Florida. I think there may be one or two schedules for this show considering the fact that the show is about fountain presentations with videos seen reflecting so this is best watched at night. Plan your itineraries carefully on other attractions and make sure you get to watch this. This is like Sentosa's Songs of the Ocean (in Singapore), though I did not watch it since I had an idea already when I watched Fantasmic. When my parents watched this, they told us that we must never miss this and boy were they right.

Fantasmic takes place in the Hollywood Hills Amphitheater located near The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (you can see a tall building where people ride an elevator and simulates a busted elevator about to crash downwards and you will know it is that because people always scream when they ride in it) and Beauty and the Beast - Live On Stage. Watch Sorcerer Mickey battle Disney Villains in this sensational laser and light show. The amphitheater opens 90 minutes before the show begins so you can bring in outside food or purchase snacks inside. There are long rows of benches that are banked for easy viewing and can accommodate quite a lot of people. While it may be tempting to site at the front, the water screens used in a lot of the sequences often produces a light mist that could head right in your direction ... and get you wet.

Apart from the water show, live Disney mascots also take part in this long show, I think took around almost 30 minutes. There are scary characters here like the dragon and witches which ... might scare your kid (if you bring one with you along). The show saves the best for last. A huge replica of the ship from Steamboat Willie sails from entrance to exit featuring lots of Disney characters waving and singing as they go by. Truly a fantasmic experience!

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