Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dr. Seuss Cat In The Hat Ride

This ride is geared towards children so it is not some sort of a roller coaster ride. Those who are afraid of heights can do so and ride here since there is no thrill in going downhill all of a sudden lolz. Located in Universal Studio's Island of Adventure Theme Park in Orlando, Florida, the Cat in the Hat ride brings you face to face with Dr Seuss and his friends in their world. There is a bit of spinning here so you might as well let your children know firsthand so that they would be aware. If you know much about Dr. Seuss it is that he never draws a straight line, hence everything is in curves, like this ride.

Trees are bent, the pathways are on curves, this ride is a sure wonder for kids. Although I did not quite enjoy it that much as the characters are geared for young children, I still went at it with my siblings to experience the ride just for the sake of it haha. You can check out a some other photos here.

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