Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Beer Universe

Through what Beer Universe has to offer, they give you the distinct opportunity to be familiar to a wide variety of beer brands to know more about them and your favorites. Because of this, Beer Universe provides a gateway for you to gain more knowledge about the universe of beer. One of its goal is to bring beer enthusiasts, beer lovers and breweries together through its social networking feature.

Beer Universe is confident with the features of its portal to give users a different experience for beer reviews, online shopping and online interaction. With the power of Web 2.0 at the core of their platform, their online portal serves to become the premier beer destination around the world.

What is unique with Beer Universe is that users can write reviews of beers or anything related to it (like breweries, bars and others) and in return they can get awarded with points which they can use to redeem it by shopping online in their online store. This is just one of the nifty features that you can find in their site. Go check it out.

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