Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Beauty And The Beast Live Show At Disney MGM

One of the live shows that you must not miss at Disney MGM theme park is the Beauty and the Beast Live Show. It is a stage show that features scenes from the original cartoon movie. If you have seen the movie, then you will know what to expect at every possible turn of the stage show. The show does not last more than an hour so not all scenes are part of the show. The show opens, like the Broadway musical, a Prince turns an old beggar woman away, for she asks if he will allow her to stay in his palace for the night from the bitter cold, in exchange for a single rose. Because his heart is cold, she curses him by turning him in to a hideous Beast, and his castle. Only the ability to love another can break the curse. And ... you know the rest.

You get to hear most of the songs from the original movie and see most characters that we all have come to love like Lumier, a handsome candelabra and Cogsworth who is a mantle clock. If you have never been to a broadway show in Manhattan, treat this as one of those. It sure looked like a broadway show when I went to see it. You can check more photos here.

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