Thursday, March 19, 2009

Terminator 2 3D - Battle Across Time

I got to experience this neat show in Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. It mixes movie effects, animatronics and real people re-enacting scenes of the movie. You all sit inside a theater like area, same as how theaters look like. But prior to that, you are shown a video that talks about Cyberdyne and the main feature with people interacting with a 3D movie effects and animatronics give you exciting action stunts. You also ought not to miss this one because the show is great. Just to summarize what the show is about, I got this excerpt from Wikipedia (as I have forgotten in detail what the show was. All I could remember clearly were Terminators showing up on the sides with red lasers pointing at everyone and John Connor' going through a time portal or something).

Guests put on Polarized 3D glasses, which Ms. Duncan calls "safety visors", to watch a demonstration of the Terminators, when John and Sarah arrive to disrupt the proceedings, followed by a T-1000. A terminator, portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger, rides through a time portal on a motorcycle to rescue John. He takes him back through the portal to the future war between humans and machines. The rest of the show, except the conclusion, takes place onscreen with John and the Terminator in the future, where they must destroy Skynet. Before they reach Skynet, they are chased by a Hunter-Killer (which was mentioned by Kyle Reese and seen in the first Terminator film), mini-hunters, and a terminator endoskeleton. When they reach the Skynet core, they battle the "T-1 million", a giant liquid metal spider, similar to a very large T-1000. The Terminator sends John back to the present, while he stays behind to blow up Skynet and the T-1 million.

The line between the 3D film and the live performance stunt show is blurred thanks to the inclusion of live actors and props and the skillful use of environmental effects like smoke and lighting and the film presentation itself, which starts on one wide screen but later expands to three. Guests in the front rows have screens filling almost their entire field of view.

The cinematic show is portrayed by the same actors as in the Terminator movie but the live action stunts are performed by other people who dress up to look like them. You cannot see their faces up close and clearly anyway since it is dark. Plus you are wearing those glasses anyhow. Just sit back, enjoy and gaze in awe this show brings to viewers. I had no photos with this though. Flash photography ain't allowed inside anyway.

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