Friday, March 13, 2009

Spaceship Earth

Spaceship Earth is the iconic and symbolic structure of Epcot, one of Disney's theme parks in Orlando, Florida. One of the most recognizable structures at the Walt Disney World Resort, it is not only the centerpiece and main focal point of Epcot, but also the name of the attraction housed within the 18-story geodesic sphere that takes guests on a time machine themed experience using the Omnimover system. You can easily spot this because it stands somewhere in the middle of the park and looks like a giante white golf ball from afar. The ride shows guests how advancements in human communication have helped to create the future one step at a time. The attraction involves a timeline from the origins of prehistoric man to the dawn of the 21st century, where guests can then create a future for themselves.

Do not worry, this is not a thrill ride like a speed coaster or something. It is more like an educational tour. The ride is pretty long though. It took more than 10 minutes but the sights that you will get to see is not just educational but fun to see. I saw one cute pumpkin that they were planting encases in some plastic form that resembled mickey mouse's head so that when the pumpking would be fully grown, its shape would look like that of mickey's head.

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