Thursday, March 26, 2009


One of Crown Regency Hotel's main attraction is the dreaded Skywalk. Crown Regency is located in Cebu City, Philippines' main city district. So now you wonder why I just called the Skywalk, dreaded. Not literally that is but I am just plain afraid of heights. My siblings were in town so I thought of touring them there since every time they come here it is just malls and malls and malls. So, a little something different this time. With skywalk, you walk along a pathway that is beside one of the hotel's top floors. I think it is located on the 36th floor. You walk there whilst appreciating the views around you. Bringing of any trinkets, cameras, watches and others are not allowed. So, especially with you camera, if you wish to keep that precious moment that you were up there, you are forced to purchase their photos. If you are with a group, the price of the CD containing those photos would increase depending on how many you are. If you are walking alone, you can purchase it at 300.00 pesos. They also provide shoes and socks in case women are wearing slippers.

You get to wear some orange blue uniform and wear some cable strapped jacket and attach it to the harness so it will keep you safe. Once we entered the skywalk area, the first thing that came to my mind was, if I do not try to look down, then my money would just be wasted as there is really no point trying the skywalk if I could not even experience the essence of its thrill. Boy, once I even took a little glance, my feet felt cramped. The skywalk pathway has a transparent floor once you start walking but only there. The rest are covered and you do not have to worry about seeing what is beneath you. Along the way, the instructor would tell you to sit on the edge and wag your feet or stand near the edge and act like you are falling. I did neither of them haha. I am just waaaay to scared. As if my feet were not enough, my back was pretty much sweating. Still, an experience is an experience and I will take it even though I did not look down too much. My siblings and especially my wife had a pretty good time so it was all worth it.

You can check our photos here.

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