Friday, March 13, 2009

Prada Platform Slingback Shoes

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Take the case with these Prada Platform Slingback Shoes, by Saks Fifth Avenue. Glamorous and comfortable yet stylish, cute and appealing, women surely love them. After all, it is Prada. They did not become famous just for nothing.

Check out the photo showing every finite detail featuring contrasting tobacco and camel hued leather and the cap toe. A unique stitched design especially on the platform and knot detail makes this even more appealing.

The heel is 5 inches in height that is pretty much like any other shoes. The shoes are made in Italy and it is actually in demand right now which made Saks set a business rule that a customer may order no more than 3 pairs every 30 days.

Currently, there is only one color (brown) but hopefully there would be other colors that will be introduced. The Prada Platform Slingback Shoes look casual but it is definitely chic!

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