Saturday, March 14, 2009

Neat Cars Near Test Track

So my previous post was about the Test Track Adventure, Disney's theme park Epcot This time, it is going to be more about cars. Just beside the Test Track ride, you can go inside where you can find a collection of neat luxurious cars. From Hummers to its experimental hydrogen hybrid car. I did not take photos of the other cars because they were placed in an area where it looked like some some showroom design. The few cars available were the Hummer and one red sports car which I forgot what it was called. The place is just an exhibit for you to gaze in awe ;) and of course, have your photos taken inside any of these cars. Hey! I finally got inside a Hummer! haha.

Check out a few other photos here.


faye said...

nice cars here!!!

Krishna said...

Hi, I love the images and details of cars in your blog!
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disneyusa said...


pujaanse7en said...

i LOVE Kuala Lumpur...


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