Monday, March 16, 2009

The Naked Cowboy

This guy is pretty famous around Time Square, Manhattan, New York. You can easily spot him because he only wears a spandex, boots and a cow boy hat while carrying his guitar and posing for people and tourists alike.

Of course, the photo ain't free. You would have to at least give him a little something (I do not know the price) for having his photo taken with you. I am not sure if he is always around all year, like summer time.

When I went there before, it was during November and it was freezing cold. This guy though, still was almost naked. Seems he always braves the freezing cold. I wonder what this guy's skin is made of haha.

The Naked Cowboy's real name is Robert John Burck and he is a prominent fixture there. Do not worry, even if you bring your kids along, he is not going to get all naked haha.

I salute him for braving the freezing cold wearing nothing but spandex.

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