Monday, March 16, 2009

Lincoln Memorial

Washington is a state that host lots of tourist attractions involving history. One of the places we went to during our trip to Washington DC was the Lincoln Memorial. There, you can see Lincoln's huge statue in a sitting position. The 16th President of the United States sits immortalized in marble.

And if the statue is huge? Naturally, it is housed in a huge memorial. It can be tiring going up inside and back down. But I guess when we went there, the cold weather helped because I did not sweat.

The Lincoln Memorial attracts anyone who seeks inspiration and hope. It is part of the National Malls and Memorial Parks. There is no entrance fee when going inside but if you are with lots of people, a permit is required. Though, if you are with a tour group, they take care of things for you so you will just go there right away to enjoy the view and attractions.

To view more of my photos at the Lincoln Memorial, please go here.

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