Thursday, March 12, 2009

Jurassic Park River Adventure

This thrilling ride is found in Universal Studio in Orlando, Florida. Take a water ride and see various dinosaurs in their natural habitat. Then, just like in the Jurassic Park movie, the fences are down and you know that carnivorous dinosaurs are also on the loose. Do not worry, they won't get you he he he. They will just show up from beneath the bushes to scare you. Dinosaurs like the Velociraptors and the fearful Tyrannosaurs Rex. Here is a bit of a spoiler. So stop reading after this one if you do not want to find out ;). At the end of the ride, the T-Rex will great you. I thought our ride would go straight under it. But instead, we plunged downward! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH. People expected the Tyrannosaurus Rex to show up but I never expected we would plunge down to escape from it. I shouted so loud (coz I hate those free-falling kind of rides).

The photos shown here were not taken by me. I just took them from some site. When inside, you cannot take photos anyway since flash photography is not allowed. And since I only brought a digital camera with me, taking photos without flash won't do me any good. But we did had some photos outside. You are better off watching your camera during the last run. Since you will be pluging down a few feet, the splash of the water might wet your cameras so keep them safe.

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