Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fear Factor Live! At Universal Studios

So who says you need to join the Fear Factor contest to experience it firsthand? At Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida you can experience the same heart stomping, yucky eating that contestants experience in the hit reality TV show. As the name goes, the title Fear Factor Live! is really the name itself. Notice the exclamation point? Yes, that is part of the name. And no, I am not yelling at you haha. Since this is in a theme park where naturally kids are around and can take part, they are a bit more forgiving with regards to the stunts that people are going to try out. Not all people can play Fear Factor Live! though. Only a few contestants can join while the others may watch. You would have to register at their casting office ahead of the scheduled show just near the Terminator area. Kids can also join, though for the yucky eating portions, it is the grownups who can take part. Buckets included of course (you know what they are for).

I thought that every person who would go inside will take part of the stunts provided. I was wrong though. I learned about it later on after we went home. It would have been nice to watch them eating spiders and such. I might puke still just by watching them. So we just hung around outside and had our photos taken with the logo behind us. If any of you had tried it out, tell me which stunt you did ;). Share them to us.

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