Tuesday, March 24, 2009


HTML has evolved in so many ways that today, it is not just pure HTML that is the foundation of a website. Because of that, people who have little or no idea at all in how to create a website find it hard to make one. Nowdays, a WYSIWYG software is what people commonly use to create websites without having to learn the intricacies of HTML and other technologies. All you do is point, drag, type and/or click and voila! Bluevoda, a WYSIWYG website builder makes it possible for you to create websites without any hassles.

Bluevoda’s package also includes pre-designed website templates for you to use right away, a one click publishing which, just by the word does just that, an image library where you can find lots of images for use as backgrounds and others. If you have used Dreamweaver and/or Microsoft Frontpage, then you will at least be familiar with how the user interface looks like. The software comes equipped with a built in help to aid you in your times of need, a forum to communicate with other Bluevoda users and share and exchange ideas and tips, and video tutorials to give you visual examples how things can be done using Bluevoda. So if you plan to create website on your own and you barely even know where to start, check out Bluevoda.

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