Saturday, March 21, 2009

Biggest Apple Store In Manhattan

This Apple Store within Manhattan, New York is the largest Apple store in Manhattan. What makes this unique and stand out from the rest is its glass enclosed structure just across the street and offers people one floor below to explore. It is located at 5th Avenue, New York (if I remember it right, Manhattan has like 12 avenues I think), just in front of General Motors building. Once you enter the premise, you go to the lowest floor down via a spiral glass staircase that uses a very thick and well-reinforced circular core, upon which the outer sidewalls are attached. The treads and landings are attached for support. The architecture is simply amazing, truly Apple-esque. I think there is no other store in that area that makes you have to go down below other than their subways. There are 3 floors in total where 2 floors are dedicated to its products while the 3rd one is for its services. The photo was taken during daytime. I am pretty sure that at night, the lights would add more appeal to its already iconic symbol of Apple.

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