Friday, March 20, 2009

Benefit Coralista Blush

Whether what complexion you have does not matter. Benefit coralista blush by Benefits Cosmetics is a deep, apricot and pink shade that will make women look exotic and blush. Place this on your check, anytime and anywhere, you will definitely love the results. Great on women with just a touch of color, it will balance how you look like. It definitely goes well with other of your makeup accessories. If you have brown skinned complexion, this could work well by acting as a highlighter. Pretty fabulous! If you are not prices conscious, although I think the price might be a little too high for price conscious women, I would choose something like this than use something cheaper and not give me the results that I want.

Coralista Benefits Comestics is ideal to revive winter pale complexions. It takes away that dryness effect and gives the feeling or a newly fresh spring aura projected by your face. The package comes with a wood handled blush brush included. If you are pretty much into these sort of things, the color can be pretty hot in effect, tropical aura I might add and flirty as well especially for when the summer time arrives. More information can be found in Benefit’s site.

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