Friday, February 6, 2009

Universe Of Energy

This is actually called Ellen's Energy Adventure now and stars Ellen DeGeneres. Located in Disney's Epcot Theme Park in Orlando, Florida, this is a pretty long ride. It is about the prehistoric origins of today's energy sources. Prehistoric, so obviously dinosaurs are involved which you will get to see as well. First stop, you get to see Ellen doze off to sleep and being in a Jeopardy show against a very smart opponent. Incidentally, the topics involved is about energy, which Ellen does not know much about until she embarks with you on a trip to the prehistoric times to discover its origins. The next stop is the longest, the ride takes quite a chunk of your time, like half an hour as the ride moves slowly from place to place. Once you are in, you are stuck. You would have to wait for the ride to finish before you are able to exit so make sure to have no second thoughts when you get inside.

The ride does not look like those of a roller coaster. In fact, you all sit on theater seats and are positioned that way too. Once Ellen starts taking you on a trip to the prehistoric era, the theater seats divide into I forgot how many were those all in all, probably 4 or 5 sets and you move around from place to place. The lighting sets the stage, you see dinosaurs eating while you pass by them. You also get to hear them roar and there was a weird odor in the air that time, which is part of the ride. Along the ride, Ellen shows up on screen talking. Even though there was no Tyrannosaurus Rex, this is one of the famouse attractions within Epcot, be sure not to miss this.

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