Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Paris Las Vegas

This ain't the real Paris. Nor is Las Vegas in Paris. Actually, Paris Las Vegas, as what it is called, is another hotel in Las Vegas. You can easily know it is that hotel because of the Eiffel Tower replica and a huge hot air balloon replica beside it. At night, lights emanate from these two with the balloon a very brightish blue color. Part of the casino is actually inside the Eiffel Tower replica. At the top, 460 feet above, you get a good breathtaking panoramic view of Las Vegas. Though you would have to pay for the entrance going to the top. You can also go shopping within the hotel, else what would Paris be, right? Lots of shopping establishments there. Just choose along Bally's Paris Promenade and Le Boulevard. Seems like there are many hotels in Las Vegas that are a combination of a hotel and a mall.

To see more photos of the Paris Las Vegas Hotel, please click here.

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