Sunday, February 22, 2009


Who can ever forget this name? (Unless you were born after it became famous). Still, up to this day, Jaws has become synonymous with sharks. At Universal Studios, they have a Jaws ride that takes you around an area themed after the tiny New England fishing village of Amity. You ride in the boat with other people, in rows of around 4 each. If you are facing front, it is best to sit at the right most side as the shark would come out on the left side so your camera will not accidentally get wet in case you have no idea where it might pop out (SPOILER! hehehe). The shark replica moves through the water at speeds much like that of a shark.

The boat ride tours you around, when suddenly, you notice something is not right until you realize Jaws is lurking. The whole body of the shark appears during the last part of the boat ride. This is one of the good rides in Universal Studios Theme Park in Orlando, Florida. You can have your photo taken near the entrance/exit where they have a shark replica being caught and placed upside down.

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Brigitte said...

want to have a picture with that shark too

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