Saturday, February 28, 2009

Crying Virgin Mary

In Cebu, Philippines, it is one of the most popular places for God fearing followers. It is the site where the Virgin Mary shed oily tears witnessed by thousands of people. People nowadays flock over there believing their miracles will happen. If you plan to go there, I would advise you to bring your own transporation. Going there via v-hire (van) was not a good experience to me. The space was so small I could barely move. When we got back to the city my legs were very uncomfy. Their vans are good for small people. Plus the aircondition does not reach you if you sit at the backmost area of the van.

Anyway, when we got there, the place was very beautiful. They are currently doing more construction to new areas and renovations within their castle like structure. You'd see lots of Virgin Mary statues, even a wishing bell and lots of others. They have a beautiful landscaped garden and even a small and low hanging bride. A shed area allows people to take refuge from the heat when outside the premise to rest and just idle. The interior designs of their castle like structure are very impressive. If you wish to touch the Virgin Mary statue, you can easily know where to go since there is only one place where a long line of people line up. You are required to take off your shoes and for women who may be wearing something releaving, are required to wear a sarong or some other cloth to cover themselves. They also have a testimonials section wherein you can read letters and other evidences of past miracles.

For more photos, please click here.


marriage markers said...

oh i haven't been to this place. though we have been stopping by different churches whenever we travelled.

disneyusa said...

if ever you're in the neighborhood, you should drop by this place. it's beautiful

Maus said...

thanks for sharing this..
i've been in cebu but only in the city which i dont like the metropolitan area its like a busy street for all.

disneyusa said...

you must be talking about colon ;)


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