Saturday, January 3, 2009

Eco Village, Gardens Of Malasag

This is one of the tourist spot here in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines. It is a large area etched with nature and eco-trails, connecting to a large area of reforested area. They house some tribes from other cities like Bukidnon and Zamboanga. The tribe performs dances and music right on the road trails. You can also check-in their hotels for overnight stays. Or, for events and parties they can be held in their special area for that, just above where their hotel-huts are. They also house a swimming pool at the bottom most part of the village.

Down below, on the right side part of the village, they house a mini zoo that features birds (Philippine Eagle, love birds and Hornbills), animals (Philippine Dear, rabbits and monkeys) and Snakes (tree snakes and pythons). Around the village, you can see a variety of plants. From the top, you can see a breath taking view of Macajalar Bay. Do your sightseeing in their cafe whilst looking in awe at the wonder of the bay. All in all, everything is sort of a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Eco Village is a good place to check out and bring your tourist friends for them to see.

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Ann said...

Been to this place. I like it so much. May post nga ako about this place sa travel blog ko. I like nature kasi eh. Nag enjoy ba kayo sa Eco Village?

disneyusa said...

in my opinion they need to add more maintenance to the place. when we went there last month, the xmas decorations were worn out or maybe it was because xmas was done so they did not bother. their ampitheatre looks a bit dirty na.

at least they still have their mini zoo there. otherwise i would see the place as boring. i love watching animals so even if they only have a mini zoo, going there is still enjoyable

Ann said...

Nag enjoy lang kami doon kasi may pool at tahimik. siguro kami lang maingay doon.

Yan kasi problema jan sa atin eh. Maganda na sana ang place pero kulang naman sa maintenance.

Pero glad to hear na nag enjoy din kayo kahit na...


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