Friday, January 2, 2009

Divine Mercy Hills

Divine Mercy Hills is the location of one of the biggest shrines in the Philippines. It is located in El Salvador near Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. There are actually two ways to get there. If you are from there, then you can go through the road beside Rubina Corporation and you will go there through the back entrance whereas following the highway, you will get to the main entrance instead. Once you get there, before going in, you may wonder why children would sell you big plastic bottles. I only bought candles before we went in because I thought that was what we were only going to do. Then again, I found out the bottles are for placing in miracle water. The water's free. You can either drink via the faucet or place some water inside your bottles and take them home. The area is located behind the statue. Check out the photo below.

Once you go past the entrance, you are greeted with a very long stairway upward. Although each stair step is only around 4 inches in height, I still got tired after a few steps. Either I am getting older now or I just do not have any excercise anymore which made me weak haha. Once we reached the top, I was impressed with the statue. It was sculpted by a famous person from U.P. The statue of Jesue Christ is huge and you could see two angled stairways meeting up at the middle, the heart of Jesus. That is where the priest stands when he serves during masses. In front of the statue is a beautiful landscape garden of a variety of plants and flowers. Also behind the statue is where you can find its offices where you can donate, or buy items. Their open chapel is there as well though my dad told me they will make a real chapel there. Currently, it is just one small area with a top and a few statues.

This is a great place to visit in El Salvador. From Cagayan de Oro you just use the main highway until you reach Bulua, then Opol, then later on El Salvador. For more photos, please go here.


Tey said...

wow this is very nice. Loos very quiet.. Love it!!
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Kerala tour said...

I think shrine has a 50 foot statue of the Divine Mercy Christ.


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