Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Finally I was able to go to this zoo called Crocolandia after having ignored it for so many years. This probably opened around more than 8 years ago. Anyway, I love animals so I was pretty much excited when we got there. I also got to use my SLR camera, slick for shooting practice he he he. Crocolandia is located in Talisay, Cebu City Philippines. Its premise is way bigger than our aviary in Cagayan de Oro and features lots of snakes, birds, animals and crocodiles. It boasts of having the second largest crocodile on record in the Philippines. It was awfully big. Adults and children have different rates, I think half was the difference. Overall, I enjoyed my time there. I took quite a lot of shows of the animals in the zoo. You can also go fishing for tilapia on their pond and you can buy the fish(es), in case you catch some, at a hundred pesos per kilo. Just be careful if you are able to catch some, because there are domestic cats idling around, waiting for the time that you might carelessly lower your catch for them to be able to reach the fish and eat it.

Let's see ... they also have owls, tarseries, hawks, eagles, tortoises, deers, warthog, large snakes, an ostrich and a white parakeet that prefered to claw its way around the cage like it was tarzan rather than flying. The tarsiers were sleeping though since they are nocturnal animals so I was not able to see them up close. They were inside their custom made houses. Guess I would have to go to Bohol to see one live haha. Kids will surely enjoying the variety of birds and animals in Crocolandia. I did. For more photos, please click here.


treen said...

Is it crocodile breeding?

disneyusa said...

naah it's a zoo

Tey said...

Wow there are so many beautiful places in the Philippines that I never went to.
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Tey said...

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Mayet said...

hi!thanks for your visit, I have took a peek of your zoo photos--and that snake,ngii!Have a nice wkend.

Bryan Karl said...

I loved the eagles, hawks and other birds. The crocs are huge. Hahaha. And the other mammals stink.

Vannie said...

nahan ko mu anha! how mch ang entrance and naa ba food there and places to sit/rest?

Anonymous said...

hey vannie i forgot haha. my cousin was the one who paid for it. i think it's 40 pesos.

they have a canteen there for snacks and refreshments ;)

you should go, the zoo's nice


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