Sunday, January 11, 2009

4D Theater In Cebu, Philippines

This 4D Theater is the first in Cebu and it is located in the 18th floor of Crown Regency Hotel along Jones avenue in Cebu City, Philippines. The movie we experienced is called Deep Sea Adventure where you go under the sea encountering various kinds of sea creatures. This is a good one that your kids would surely love. You could view them as if they are totally in front of you. I cannot figure out why it is called 4D when it is just 3D. I had read before that in 4D, the 4th dimension involves time. But anyway, that is not the point of this post.

There are only 20 seats available inside and every 30 minutes they let in the next group of people. Once the movie starts you will get to meet up with various underwater creatures including a mermaid that looks like Reiko of Final Fantasy. Just be careful when you get squirted with water though, I almost forgot about that. It was a good thing my camera did not get wet.

Crown Regency Hotel brought Cebuanos another kind of entertainment for people to enjoy. And get this. By 2011, the orbit ride will be operational. This ride is the same one like the ride of Stratosphere Hotel in Las Vegas has. I have posted few photos here. It is always enjoyable when you go watch it with your friends. So make sure there are lots of you in the group.


Bryan Karl said...

Wow, tagpila?

Kasuway nako aning in-ani sa Disneyland pero si Little Mermaid lang to ug si Flounder naa ug daghan pa Disney characters. Mangbasa pud sila ug tubig. Di lang pwede camera didto. Hehe.

disneyusa said...

it is 150 per person, whether adult or kid

Anonymous said...

We had our field trip this coming feb14, and i hope we can visit the 4d theater in cebu..
by the way, aside from 4d theater in cebu, what's new in cebu???

disneyusa said...

@anonymous: this is an old post. while it still exists in crown regency, you should check out the one in sm, top floor. there is a 4d ride there with around 18 different kinds of themes

120.00 for 5 minutes max of 6

Pacific Pensionne said...

I've been to Cebu 3 times already but I never heard this before. Hmmm I wanna try this 4D Theater soonest.


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