Sunday, December 21, 2008


If you plan to go to any of the Disney theme parks, this is one that you must NEVER, EVER miss! Why? This is the best ride ever! Well, simulation ride that is. But the feeling that this ride gives you feels like you are really flying over the well known landmarks that you will pass over using a hang glider (although you are actually just sitting). Once you get inside the premise, the banks of seats look like arranged seats inside a movie house. If you are wearing slippers, you can leave them on the floor since you will be soaring for the whole duration of the ride. The seats have no floors so your legs will dangle once the ride starts. So better leave them slippers down where you are actually sitting. Once the simulation starts, the banks of seats will move upward and the music starts whilst moving all of you riders across California's well known landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge. The photo in the post is from some website. I could not get a photo while riding the simulation because I was pretty much enjoying the ride.

Always keep your eyes open because it is within these moments that the thrill gets to you. Gliding up, then downward, the feeling just feels like the real thing. There is no storyline here. Soarin' is just a ride that takes you from one scenic place to another. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention where this ride can be found. It is in Disney's Epcot Theme Park.


posh post said...

hi! i forgot about this ride. what i remember soarin was in california adventure where they even sprayed us with the scent of california orange. :)muchyt

disneyusa said...

hmm never tried it in california adventure, only in disney. they probably relocated? lolz . either way. great ride right?

mothercares said...

thats enjoyable if you don't have pbobias

mothercares said...

ayy... phobias

Tey said...

Merry xmas to you. Love your travel tips
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Cheddarina said...

Wow... Cool! Do they have this in Japan Disneyland?

disneyusa said...

hi, im not sure. ive never been to japan lolz

Krishna said...

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