Monday, December 1, 2008

River Rafting

Finally! I tried out the white water rafting (white??? the water's murky brown) today with my brother, sister, wife and cousins. It is the number one attraction here in Cagayan de Oro City. And it is ironic that I have never tried it until now, to think I live and grew up here and still go home to visit my family. Now that I have tried it, mission accomplished he he he. I tell you, after that experience, if I were to choose parasailing or some other more expensive activity, I'd choose rafting over most of them. It was a good day to start with, the weather was perfect. When you book for water rafting, you are given the choice if you would opt for basic or advanced. I would suggest you choose advanced right away. There is nothing different between them except the number of rapids that you go through.

We were pretty lucky that we were the only ones who were booked in the advanced rafting. We hogged the camera all to ourselves. We never got to use the camera that we brought along with us for fear it may get wet. It is best to bring a waterproof camera with you so that you can take pictures while you are rafting. Although it is better to have lots of groups at the same time rafting, it was only a few rapid differential that separates the basic from advanced. After a few rapids we caught up with the people who went with the basic rafting. It was quite fun actually because you would enjoy watching other groups shouting, screaming and high-fiving. Plus, we even raced with the other groups when we reached the last of the rapids.

You also get to swim in still waters that are deep, though I did not stay in the water for too long because I do not know how to swim. Even with my life vest on, I still did not trust it, kept hanging on to the side of the raft. You can avail of the rafting with lunch for an additional 200 pesos. Once you reach the end point, you can go shower and change before feasting on their lunch. The shower area is pretty clean. The experience was very fun indeed. I think I may try it again when I go back home for the holidays. If you have not tried it, try it! I guarantee you, the price you will pay for rafting, it is more than worth it.

For more photos, please click here for part 1 and here for part 2.


arjaeuse said...

wow.. I wish someday I could try to river raffting,, really seem adventure... Nice.... :) God Bless.. :D from CDO it took 2-2.5hours only to get in Iligan City to look on Maria Cristina Falls.. :D

disneyusa said...

2-2.5 hrs? im guessing you rode the bus? because if it's by private car, it's around 1 hour


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