Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Opol Aviary

I did not expect we have an aviary here in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines. I bet a lot of Kagay-anons do not even know it exists.

When my dad told me about it, I thought that it would not be that interesting. I was pretty much wrong after I went there. It is not really very big, but there are lots of exotic birds not native to the Philippines.

They also have a small crocodile, 2 snakes, Philippine deer, rabbits, guinea pigs, white mice, monkeys, iguana, and I forgot the name of those creatures that look like lemurs.

The aviary is located in Opol and if you plan to go there, you should slow down your vehicle after you pass through the first Opol bridge while looking to your right because that is where the aviary is located.

When we went there, I thought it was closed because there was no one manning the entrance. After like 5 minutes had passed by, somebody finally showed up. I guess he was having his siesta and considering it was a weekday, there were barely any visitors. I held part of an albino snake. Ick! I only had to carry the body and tail because I could not dare holding on to its neck. No way was I going to risk myself haha.

The guide said that they are only harmful if you try to harm them so when you hold it, you should not squeeze it too much. The place is usually packed when there are field trips from schools. For a cheap price of 30 pesos, I would say this is a very very good deal. And I strongly support this place, I would heavily recommend this as one of the tourist's must-see places.

They allow you to touch some of their birds, aside from the snake, the deer as well. I would love to go back here again when given the chance.

For more photos, please click here.


lusia said...

Hi Friend,My Blog walking with a smile,hope you'll do the same.thanks.

Posh Post Reviews said...

hey i like your adventures! i didn't know you had an aviary there too. i was there a couple of years back.

disneyusa said...

we all want to travel to just about anywhere in the world. if only we are all rich. i really want to go to europe he he he.

posh posh, a lot of kagay-anons still do not know about this. but i hope my blog will help touristers know about this place.

north sulawesi said...

wow...both of u (I mean, u and the smake,hehehe..) looked scared..

Disney Cruise Vacation said...

Nice post friend...feel free to visit my Disney sIte and leave your comment there...thanks.

melandri said...


amelia said...

i was there last time and it was fun mingle with the yellow boa ghehhe

disneyusa said...

cool!, you're from cdo amelia? :D

Tey said...

wow, its good to visit Cagayan de Oro... I miss my counrty
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