Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Monk's Monastery In Bukidnon

If you are in Bukidnon, one of its main attractions is the Monk's Monastery. This is because the monastery is shaped unlike any you have seen before.

It is shaped like a pyramid. Although not as huge as Egypt's pyramid, I think it is the only pyramid shaped structure in the Philippines (please correct me if I am wrong though).

When we went there, there was not any mass at that time so we went in to take some photos while my mom did a little prayer. Outside the pyramid, they have a beautiful garden and the landscaping looks superb. The monastery is a bit farther from the entrance.

They also have a gift shop where you can buy statues, tiny stuffs related to God and specialty food made by the monks called Piniatos and others. Piniatos is a rectangle shaped sweet peanut crumble. They even sell peanut butter. They are pretty talented.

For more photos of our Bukidnon trip, please click here.


Tey said...

very nice, You have been travelloing a lot.. I envy you
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BADZ said...

gosh.. i juz saw that monk fren pointed coz we were on our way to lantapan, bukidnon to climbed the Phil. 2nd highest peak mt. dulang dulang..
bukidnos has many great sites

Bannie said...

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Bannie said...

sorry I'm misspelled "blog"....!!!lol

4ever7 said...

Great blog! Please add up my two blogs and I have added you to my blogroll already.

Posh Post Reviews said...

oh this is one that i surely missed! we knew about it but we just didn't have enough time in bukidnon to go there.

Marriage Markers said...

i wish my hubby and i can also travel a lot! we love to travel...:-) but money is the problem. lol

amelia said...

i was there too hehhe last time we got lots of pictures of the place and its a nice place bery solemn


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