Monday, November 24, 2008

Men In Black Alien Attack

Men In Black Alien Attack is located in the World Expo area of Universal Studios in Orlando Florida. This exciting ride takes you inside locations zapping aliens and monsters. The problem if you are a newbie is, you do not know which spot to hit the aliens on, just like in my case. See the photo below? I was 2nd to the last (next to my brother haha). Click the photos to see a bigger resolution.

I had typically no idea where to shoot exactly so I just zapped and zapped and zapped. Alien Attack features a variety of aliens, more than a hundred types and each ride is equipped with 6 seats for players and 1 laser zapper each that records your score. Man, just look at the scores beside mine, these guys must be pros. The photo above was taken by their camera which you can purchase from the counter after your ride is finished. Or, you can always shoot the video screen (just like what I did hahaha).

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