Friday, November 7, 2008

Amazing Adventures Of Spiderman At Universal Studios

If you go Universal Studios, this is one 3D ride you ought not to miss. Since my aunt works here, we got free passes ;). Lucky us haha. And naturally she knows her way around and she knows which ones are the best rides and shows.

The very first ride we went to was the Amazing Adventures of Spiderman. You will know it's the one, aside from the fact that there is only 1 Spiderman ride within Universal Studio's theme park, you can see the logo outside (see photos below).

So the Amazing Adventures of Spiderman is a moving 3D simulation ride located in the Islands of Adventure (Universal Studio's theme park). Lots of action sequences pitting Spiderman against his famous foes like Doctor Octopus and the Scorpion among others.

Even when you are riding the simulation, you will be part of the story because the ride you will be riding in acts as though you're just in the wrong place at the wrong time because Spidey's off fighting the villains and you're caught in between their battles ... literally.

I totally enjoyed this ride. One of my favorites and I would heavily recommend this that you never miss this ride if you go to Universal Studio's theme park.


Ivana said...

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momeen said...

3D simulation of spiderman
I want to see it T_T

Anonymous said...

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anneberly said...

I didn't went here the last timer we went to LA Disneyland.. It looks great there
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disneyusa said...

anneberly, im not sure if there's a spiderman in l.a.'s universal studios beacuse we only were are the near entrance having our photos taken with the company's logo. the spiderman simulation i was talking about is in orlando's universal studios though

Tey said...

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anneberly said...

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Krishna said...

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genna said...

lol.. still wait a chance to visit there.. would u mind to take me??

disneyusa said...

genna! let's go! hehehe

Cheddarina said...

Wow... it looks great! wish i could have a chance to visit there

BeverLy's Secret said...

I love this so much!!!!
My fave of all~~


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