Friday, October 24, 2008

Star Wars Tours

Probably the best rides for me ever were the Shuttle Launch simulation and Star War Tours which can be found in Disney's MGM Theme Park. The ride takes you inside a simulator where it will tour you around space. But with an absent minded droid manning the cockpit, the ship takes you to warp speed misses, near collissions with comets and even taking a wrong turn into the heart of the Death Star. Remember that Star Wars movie scene where Luke's X-Wing went inside the Death Star's trench passing through laser gun stations going to the core of the Death Star where its reactor resides, you will experience that particular scene, which left me pretty much contented because it was what I was expecting and looking forward to before I boarded in the simulator.

Before boarding the simulator, while lining up, you'll see r2d2 checking out the system and a replica of a star wars ship (forgot what model it was but it wasn't a fighting ship, more like a small cruiser ship). The wait can be pretty long because lots of people line up for this ride. I wanted to even ride it again but our time would just run out if we waited again for a second ride.

Outside, you can see replicas of an AT-AT Walker, the surroundings mimicking that of the planet Endor, in part 6 of the Star Wars Movies, Return of the Jedi. You can also pose for photos riding on a speeder bike. The background was so colorful though, would had been nice if the background had real plants rather than a painted wall.

You ought not to miss this ride, especially if you are a die hard Star Wars fan. I am a die hard Star Wars fan, and this ride made my day that day. May the force be with you ...


Tey said...

wow I wasn't able to visit this when we went to Disneyland LA, too many people and we much to attracton to visit
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Ivana said...

great tour. anyway, care to xchange link with my
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Tey said...

passing by here, Thanks for the visit
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Maus said...

was here read some
see you around


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