Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sta Cruz, Monterey Bay Aquarium

Sta Cruz, California is not so much as a big place. While we were fatigued from non stop touring, we welcomed that we were able to relax while roaming around it. There were no theme parks, nor large business districts but we did go to a very interesting place called The Mystery Spot. Sta. Cruz was the last stop of our tour and what we did mostly was joyride around and visiting wharfs, cliffs, beaches, admiring the beautiful beach houses near the shore that only rich people could own. It was a cold time when we went there so there were not much people out. Who'd want to go half naked with the weather so cold, my face looked liked this when our photo was taken.

I remember two old women giggled at us when they saw our freezing expressions haha. We also went to Monterey, just beside Sta. Cruz. They have a small aquarium which I think is pretty decent. I prefer going there again and again compared to bars and night clubs (not those with go go dancers and strippers). Hey, I did learn something there. They have an area where you can touch sea animals like slugs, starfish and ugh ... sea urchins. Now I asked the guide there if it's poisonous because it's already etched in my mind that sea urchins really are poisonous. The guide said that only sea urchins in warm waters are poisonous, hence the ones they have weren't. Chalk one fact to my mind for added knowledge he he he ;). I never got to touch the urchin though, no way! haha! An aquarium will never be complete without penguins. Woooh, they are soooo adorable hahaha, I'm commenting like a girl haha. My aunt and her daughter showed us around. Great to see my cousin whom I haven't seen in such a long time, I think more than a decade. Check out a few photos in the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

To see more photos, please click here.


Tey said...

very nice place.. Do you always travel?
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cathy said...

enjoy travelling...

disneyusa said...

naah i dont always travel. once im done blogging about my u.s. trip, there'll be no more new posts about it until i go back there again ... which ... may happen after ... hmmm ... who knows haha

Brand H said...

hey wat happened to ur Cbox?? tried hangin ur template n forgot to add a Cbox??

Tey said...

passing by here my friend
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emotera said...

it's nice that u'r able to share your travel experiences. keep it up!

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mimilanie said...

i hope I, like u, could travel nice places as well. you've got a very informational blog here.

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disneyusa said...

thanks emotera, mimilanie! ;)


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