Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sea World

It's not as big as San Diego's Sea World, but Orlando, Florida's own Sea World has as much to offer as well. The only thing that disappointed me was that there was no polar bear because it was under maintenance. I sooooo wanted to see a polar bear up close. Well, I've never seen a bear up close too and a polar bear would have been neater. I was freezing when I went there with my brother and sister. We thought even during November, Orlando was hot and we were wrong. I kept rubbing my skin to warm myself up. Aquatic animals you definitely can see here. Sea world does not just showcase aquariums of marine life but they also have rides and shows featuring dolphins, seals, otters and the ever famous Shamu, the killer whale. We didn't take much photos here because my camera was full of the shows' videos. My favorite sea animals are always sharks and penguins. If only there'd be a park like this in the Philippines. There is one in Manila called Ocean Park but it doesn't offer much. I think they have one downhill ride called Atlantis. Better not to stay near because one the cart splashes down, nearby people would get soaked.

The photo on the right is where their dolphin and kille whale shows are played. Prior to the fishes' shows, they also have a bird show to start off with the presentation. Shamu, the killer whale is the symbol of Sea World. The show features fantastic acrobatics and emotional music (I almost cried haha). The crowd was supportive the entire time and crowd involvement only made the show more enjoyable. I would love to come back here if given the chance. I prefer hanging out here than hanging out in bars.

For more photos, click here.

For the videos of the shows, click here.


anneberly said...

the place looks so fun.. who know one day i will be there..lols
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Z'riz said...

I've been there a few years ago. I loved watching Shamu and Baby Shamu do their show! :)

disneyusa said...

anneberly, zriz let's watch it again sometime :D


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