Monday, September 1, 2008

San Fransisco

What's famous in San Fransisco? You guessed it right. The Golden Gate bridge! My brother, sister and I took a city tour in San Fransisco since my aunt's not from there (she's from Sta. Cruz). We toured around the city and there I discovered that those diagonal streets I see in the movies are found in this city. We didn't get to ride in their famous transit ride. That mini train that uses the tracks in the middle of the road (or beside it). As we passed by every block, I can't just imagine my car parked diagonally on one of those roads. I'd probably place a rock to avoid it moving downhill but there's no rock in the first place so I'd probably look for some leveled road to park on. We also went to Fisherman's wharf which I think is the most famous among the wharfs (the 4th rightmost photo). Lots of seals there sunbathing (without the sun since the weather was uber cold).

Part of our city tour was to gaze in awe at the Golden Gate bridge. We stopped by to get a better view and I discovered there that people just don't pass through with their cars right away. Each ends of the bridge have tolls that require people to pay before being let through. The second photo is one of the houses that we passed by around San Fransisco that boasts of beautiful structure, design and material. We also passed by a landmark house that people have come to recognize as the house in the Mrs. Doubtfire movie.

It was a good thing it didn't rain though. Just dark clouds plus the cold weather made it perfect for this trip. There were still lots of places that we didn't get to see but we did cover the major ones that included Alcatraz (from the movie, The Rock). For more photos, click here.


chess addict said...

Beautiful scenery at the background.

disneyusa said...

yeah. and the weather was perfect

Z'riz said...

Ohh...when we went there the weather was pretty good! :)

I'm thinking of checking out Alcatraz.. :)


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