Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wild Wild Wet!

I have never been to Splash Island in Manila, Philippines, nor to Wild Wadi in Dubai and even my hometown's very own micro water theme park. I forgot the name because it closed a long time ago. Once we finished our time around Escape Theme Park, we headed off to Wild Wild Wet which is just beside it. My wife told me Wild Wadi's bigger than this but it didn't matter to me. I was excited before I event hit the water, but kind of apprehensive at first because I am not the type to just walk around top naked because of my big belly, grrr. Well, so it happened, and I had lots of pics taken with my belly shown, ack! Fresh from the tramautizing experience of riding the smaller Viking version, I was traumatized even more after we rode on this one, called Slide Up.

My wife was lucky because she was facing me and the feeling does not make you puke when you are facing behind going down so I was the one who was at a disadvantage, absorbing all the effects of going down, even worse than a roller coaster. At least the roller coaster is attached beneath to its tracks unlike this one where the person in charge at the top just pushes your raft and you're all on your own. This feeling was the same as the Log Ride in Enchanted Kingdom, Manila Philippines although a bit better because I think that the height for this one was lower compared to that cursed Log Ride.

Check out their other attractions

ULAR-LAH - The first raft slide in Southeast Asia, Ular-Lah is a super flume ride that offers you a chance to brave the rapids... It's on the 3rd floor of their tower. The second floor invites individuals to go slide down to the bottom

YAKULT PROFESSOR'S PLAYGROUND - A good place for your kids. We definitely kept going to the middle when the bell rang because a huge bowl of water will go pouring down on those wanting to get splashed. Check the pic on the right for a better idea of what I'm talking about.

Tsunami - If you want to feel the waves, hang around this area and experience getting moved by the waves.

SHIOK RIVER - This long river pool encircles the whole water theme park. Just ride any tube floating around and idle yourself while the moving water takes you around. This almost turned into a nightmare for me because I wasn't wearing beach shorts or something. When I got up the tube because I wanted to sit down, my underwear also almost got left underwater. Geez, I was halfway to doing that. Good thing my fast reflexes kicked in bwahaha.

For more pics, click here.

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trashman said...

wow...what a very cool adventure...=)


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