Saturday, August 30, 2008

Stratosphere, Las Vegas

We stayed in this hotel when we went to Las Vegas. Stratosphere is not very hard to find as it boasts of a tower similar to that of Seattle's landmark tower (see picture attached). We did manage to tour most of the insides of this hotel.

Apart from the usual casino which you can see right away upon entering the hotel, they also have a huge aquarium world which, you have to pay for it still haha. At the top of the tower, they provide you two thrill rides called X-Scream and Insanity, the Ride.

Both rides place you out of the tower area's vicinity and leaves you hanging beside it. Insanity - the Ride looks like a horizontal ferris wheel, moving sideways in a circular motion (but uber fast). What's worse is if you look down (never look down!), you're going to scream because you're hanging above over 900 feet.

The X-Scream meanwhile is like a giant teeter-totter 866 feet above. It will propel you and several other riders head-first, 27 feet over the edge of the Stratosphere Tower. After being shot over the edge, you'll dangle weightlessly above the Las Vegas Strip before being pulled back and propelled over again for more.

But I don't think you'll have time to be amazed at the Las Vegas view, not when you feel like you're going to plunge downward. Check out these photos (I just got these from the web. The first photo though, is me outside the Stratosphere tower).

We also got to watch a sort of broadway show within the hotel. It was a vampire story and it featured nude girls he he he, well topless only. I did have bad experiences in this hotel though. I think it's pretty common when you go on rides, cameras take pictures of you and get shown in their monitors for you to check if you want to purchase the photo or not.

And it's pretty common that customers take pictures of the monitor screens rather than buying the photo. We had our photos taken by the staff with the Stratosphere view as its background. While waiting for our photos to be developed, I took my digital camera out of my pocket because I wanted to show something to my nephew. Just then, one of their front desk staff, an old hag, shouted at me and scolded me not to take pictures.

I was stunned because I wasn't able to shout back at her. The nerve of that old hag. She didn't even know that we actually purchased the photo and was just waiting for it to be printed. The other one was in the casino.

While my uncle was playing (I was behind him standing, looking at his cards), my brother and sister came to us and also idled around since we were waiting for my cousins before heading out. I wasn't aware that my nephew was with my brother and sister and the supervisor suddenly scolded us (with a very strict raised tone) since he is still a minor.

Yes, it's against the rules to be in a casino if you're under-aged but it was not like we did it on purpose to have my nephew hanging around. Those were my biggest disappointments in that hotel, their staffs were rude.


Gles said...

we also stayed in stratosphere hotel when we went to vegas last nov. but i never tried those rides cuz i am so frakin scared! lol!

disneyusa said...

haha who wouldn't be lolz. i can't even dare roller coaster rides. what more with them? lolz

Mariuca said...

Woo hoo! Vegas is where I wanna be right now ha ha! :D

disneyusa said...

let's go mariuca ;) he he he


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