Monday, August 4, 2008

Singapore: Sentosa

When you go to Singapore, the very first thing that comes to one's mind or to anyone who's familiar with the country is, Sentosa. I bet you a million bucks anyone wouldn't first blurt out Jurong Bird Park haha. Quite possible would be Night Safari but Sentosa is the very first tourist attraction that would come to mind when you talk about Singapore. So off we went on a Friday, our second day in Singapore. The weather was not hot nor dry though we saw dark clouds brewing in the distant and sensed that their direction is to the city. Frankly, and I'll get straight to the point, I was disappointed with Sentosa. I thought it was some huuuuge theme park with lots of attractions and all. It's just one big island full of resorts. You're better off going to Disney instead. It didn't take long when we got there that it started to rain. We went there via cable car back and forth. If you plan to watch and ride their other attractions, your total payment would be more expensive. The other attractions we went to were their underwater world aquarium, plus the dolphin show and a 3-d ride called CineBlast. Their aquarium is nice, not that big but ok for my standard. They have a variety of crabs in there and you also get to touch fishes and rays. The dolphin acrobats in the Dolphin Lagoon were good but the music that accompanied them sucked.

Within Sentosa, they also have a Merlion statue and you can go inside and go up above its head to get a wider view of the harbor and horizon. But ... you got to pay for it. Other attractions include Songs of the Sea, but I didn't pay for it since I already saw this kind of show in Disney. The only ride that we weren't able to get in to was the Luge & Skyride since it was raining that time, they had the rides closed. We ignored the Tiger Sky Tower since you can see the same views when you're in the cable car. Other than these attractions, it's just one big Boracay island type with lots of resorts and resto-bars. Even though it was raining, our friend Lyn kept clicking her camera capturing every moment we were on that island. And we got the pics to prove it ;)

For more pics, click here.

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