Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Peninsula Excelsior Hotel Singapore

The hotel room that we stayed at in Singapore was very big. I think Peninsula Excelsior Hotel is just a 3-star hotel but we liked the room that we slept in. The place was huge, big king sized bed, little sala set, the place was spacious except ... the bathroom haha. Plus it was funny that we had to keep on pressing the flush handle at least 4x to flush the toilet. We did not make it of an issue since we only get to stay in our room during the night after our long trips so we just let it be. All in all, the place was nice and we got it cheap too because my friend has this some sort of group organization thingie where they can get discounts for accomodations and such so we were lucky that we did not get to pay the full amount for our 3 night stay. The hotel is located on the next block after the City Hall MRT station (or train station if you call it that). It's not hard to find it.

The breakfast buffet was alright for me, not to my wife though hehe. I was kind of disappointed that they never served any corn beef for all those 3 mornings that we ate breakfast. The food was not that many and it was the same everyday. The only difference was that sometimes, it was cooked differently like mash potato today, then potato fries the next. Potato is still potato no matter how they cooked it so the menu was the same over and over. I wanted corn beef so bad it was never there, not even once.

Their plug outlets have this 3 hole type unlike in the Philippines so all your chargers and plugs are useless. You would have to request front desk for adapters and make a deposit of $5 SGD each to use them. Don't worry, your money will be returned once you check out and give them back the adapters. Oh yes, their front desk is located on the 6th floor, not on ground level so don't be surprised when you get inside the hotel you only see the concierge and a small lobby. Ride up the elevator and press 'L' to get there. For more pics, click here.


eunice said...

Now I remember we stayed here before too! It was a pleasant stay.

disneyusa said...

it was all good except for that toilet malfunction i mentioned. but at least it didnt run out of water, that could had been worse lolz

teyonlinejournal said...

it looks very nice to stay on the hotel. have fun
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kumagcow said...

Just visiting today ^_^ You take care!


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