Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Orchard Road

Our last day of our honeymoon trip took us to Orchard Road, well, I'd say Singapore's ultimate shopping district? The map made me look at it as just a tiny area that it occupies until we walked almost all of it from end to end and surrendered when it was nearing 6pm.

So this trip took us to malls and more picture taking! I noticed that their malls have such small corridors for people to move around. Seemed like everything is maximized there, no matter how miniscule a space might be.

This was also the area where I found out that elderly people still work, and they mostly make up the food court staffs cleaning tables when customers finish and others. It's not a good place to retire there, you'd end up working your ass off till you die old.

One of them was sort of ashamed that I helper her place our left overs and garbage to her tray rather than her doing it. I went out right away after that because I couldn't bear watching them work.

Elderly people should be enjoying their pension and relaxing hehe. I think we also had two kinds of ice cream along the way because they all looked yummy when we first saw them. Couldn't resist ice cream, mmmm. The one in the photo is by Gellatissimo.

If you're into branded things like designer shoes, clothes, even food, you definitely will find what you are looking for here. Although Orchard Road is a big area, you definitely must have the feet to keep walking to be able to scour all of the stores, buildings and malls from end to end.

Again, never forget to bring your camera. Else, go back to where you are staying and get it. It was good for us because we (my wife and I) went there alone without anybody's help. A map is all you need to go around there.


V!dst said...

really nice story,,,at same time u have see all people wat they do, i think u really enjoy ur life,,,Orchad road is a good place at spore,really great at there...

disneyusa said...

indeed i do, travelling is great. if you have lots of money in hand. if i do, i would want to go to europe next. man, i want to go to venice and paris.

The Bimbo said...

I can't bear it too. I can't bear seeing them stand on crowded buses and stuff... I hate it when youngsters dun give up their seats. Sigh. It's not really true that this is not a place for retirement. But it's not quite the place for get-rich dreams cos everything is expensive. If people lived within their means they can retire properly...

disneyusa said...

i think that given the right salary things are not really expensive, unless you buy the branded ones. unlike in the philippines where stuffs' prices are way greater than your whole monthly income


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