Tuesday, December 8, 2009

King Crab! Whoa!

This was the biggest crab I've ever seen up close that I got to eat after looking at it hahaha. We dined at Jumbo Seafood at Boat Quaye after taking a short stroll around Clark Quaye. Good restaurant and the staff are very nice too (of course, their owner was just outside with his friends hanging out, they'd have to be nice or else ... krrrrkk haha).

We ordered only two dishes. One was the King Crab and the other one I forgot its name but it was of noodle variety and ... never forget the rice haha. The sauce that came with the King Crab was super delicious. It was spicy but I'm all for spiciness! I loved it. The crab tasted good too. The noodle dish that we ordered also was spicy (what else is new) and I would recommend this to you but I just forgot what it's called. I liked their napkins because it looks like a small apron.

My wife took two clean ones from them as a remembrance. For drinks, we only drank tea, always the best. It's free and it helps with digestion and doesn't make you bloat unlike sodas. Overall we paid around 150$ I think. The total cost wasn't that bad, it was definitely worth it because of the Crab.

I would definitely love to have another go at it if I'm going back to Singapore again. Jumbo Seafood is located just beside the underground tunnel that takes you to both Boat Quaye and Clark Quaye, it's not hard to find. Just savor these pics for now haha. For more pics, click here.

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