Sunday, August 17, 2008

Houston, We Have A Problem

Does that phrase ring a bell? One of our Orlando stops was NASA. It was a great place to see all air vehicles on exhibit. From the very first model to the newly proposed model of a space shuttle, you can see everything there.

During that time, there was no shuttle launching scheduled, so we just toured around the facility. It's a pretty big place, so you also need a map for this one. If I remember it right, it is within NASA where you can experience riding in a simulated space shuttle.

I can't really remember since it's been 10 months since we went there and I'm blogging about it now. But I'm betting that it only happens in NASA (I doubt the ride's in Disney). You sit on the chair, as it moves itself letting you face upward like you're facing the sky. As the final countdown reaches zero, the simulation vibrates as if you're within a real shuttle launch.

Once the boosters are off and the shuttle has launched, you're off to experience mach-5 hypersonic speed racing through the air and into space. The whole flight from ground to space actually lasts only two minutes. Then you bask in awe as the sight of space display in front of your very eyes. That was one of the awesome rides that I was happy we didn't miss out.

You'd also get to see a demo on how a real shuttle launch would look like from the command center. Or pilot a Mars Rover on a replica of Martian soil. Get inside a look-alike shuttle model and see what is inside or feel a moon rock on display (don't worry, there are no radioactive germs, lolz).

Get to see one area of its facility where parts of the International Space Station are hosted. These parts are a joint cooperation of the different countries involved. The NASA area doesn't just sit on any ordinary land. It is surrounded by some marshes, home to some animals and reptiles like alligators.

You can see them while you take the bus ride touring you around the facility. When you think Orlando, naturally you think about Disney right away. Or Universal. NASA shouldn't be overlooked because it is one of the best places to go to in Orlando.

Trust me. Make sure you experience that Mach-5 ride aboard a simulated space shuttle ride.

For more pics of NASA, please click [ HERE ].


Gujako said...

u seem to b an avid traveler! cheers mate! I too am 1!

disneyusa said...

yes. i love to travel. post some pics too dude

my daily thoughts said...

hmm i would love to see this one day. thanks for sharing
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BrAnD_NeW said...

Lifes good man!! lol, congrats for the travels, ive been there in houston, and also in disney and i loved them both

FreEzEBoX said...

wow.. congratz for you.. you're such an avid traveler, it's inspires me most...

disneyusa said...

thanks all for your comments :)

array of hopes said...

Thanks for the visit..My blog doesn't have health but I do...lols.. great message from you lols..

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