Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas

Las Vegas is not just about casinos and lights. They're also about entertainment and one of the hotels located in New Las Vegas, Bellagio Hotel offers people entertainment outside the hotel's vicinity. Beside it is a large area of water that, every few minutes will play a song coupled with a display of an array of water fountain performances synchronizing with the song. If a song's beat suddenly becomes hard, the fountains spurt out water very high. Bellagio hotel is very easy to find. See one of the pictures below where you see the Eiffel Tower replica? Bellagio Hotel is just across it and you will easily know it's the place because of the wide area full of water. We were lucky we didn't wait very long for their water fountain performance. We happened to pass by the hotel a few minutes before it started. The song lasts pretty long too! You definitely must not miss this one. Check out some pictures below. To view more pictures, click here.


treen said...

nice vacation.

disneyusa said...

treen thanks :)

Z'riz said...

Loved this show! :)

siva said...

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