Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Welcome to Singapore

I decided to place all my travel adventures in this blog, rather than posting it in my Daily Ramblings blog. Singapore was the country I chose for our honeymoon because even for a few days, knowing that it's not that big of a country, we can easily travel to almost every corner in that short a span of time because I have lots of friends who are working there and they can show us around without having time wasted.

Rather than getting a tour trip which costs more, I decided not to take tours and just relied on ourselves to navigate around Singapore. Trips from Cebu, Philippines to Singapore do not have very nice schedules. If you wish to take normal time flights like late afternoons or was that early mornings, they tend to be more expensive so you'd have to be not thrifty to shell out those cash if you wish to arrive any time that is not near midnight.

In our case, on a Wednesday night, there was a direct flight from Cebu to Singapore via Cebu Pacific, so we took that one as the fare was cheaper compared to an afternoon flight and against other airlines as well. If I remember correctly, Silk Air is also cheap but the schedule wasn't favorable to me. Cebu to Singapore flights take around 3 and a half hours.

Even though I've ridden planes quite often, I still have this phobia whenever the plane passes through turbulence. I always feel that the plane is going to crash. Then again, no plane had ever crashed due to turbulence but I am just a scaredy cat whenever the plane suddenly drops down a few meters during flight.

We arrived in Singapore 11:35pm, a few minutes till midnight and, can't really live myself if I got lost in new territory, my friend fetched us at the airport. We boarded a taxi going to their place. Funny thing was that I forgot Singapore vehicles are right hand drive, I was halfway near the driver side's door when I realized that I should have been on the opposite side.

Once we got in, I found out during the trip that metering in taxis in Singapore is quite different than in the Philippines. They have extra charges like if your starting point was at the airport, you get charged 3$ SGD extra, probably you pay for their entrance fee or something. If you also ride a taxi past midnight, not that I experienced it, my friend told me that you get charged an additional 50%. So that's what happened during our arrival. We dozed off after we reached my friend's place, chatted a little and planned our itinerary for the next day.


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cathy said...

it's been awhile since i last hear from u...


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