Thursday, July 31, 2008

Singapore: Jurong Bird Park

We had to decide which park we would want to go to, Bird Park or the Zoo. We didn't want to go to both as it would consume a lot of time and we only had like 4 days for our Singapore vacation. My wife wanted to go to the Bird Park more than the zoo (she loves pelicans and I love penguins) so Bird Park it was. I've been to zoos a lot lately so we scratched it off our itinerary. We also scratched Night Safari off our list as a lot of my friends had complained that going to it is a rip-off since you don't get to see the animals as most of them are asleep. Plus it's dark, so you barely can get a good view of any of them.

We stayed at our friend's place somewhere in Bedok when we arrived in Singapore so we took the bus going to the MRT Terminal as our route will be Boon Lay (located in the Western most part of Singapore) and take another bus going to Jurong BIrd Park. Good thing my other friend Prime went to work a little later than Lyn. At least he guided us a bit which bus to take and which MRT station we would stop before we took the bus going to Jurong Bird Park. First time I was exposed to their ride system as riding the bus or the MRT, you just need to use their EZ-Link Card (which I borrowed from my friends). At least I'm not ignorant with it anymore haha.

Jurong Bird Park is a park full of ... birds ... duh! haha. I couldn't wait to see the penguins but we actually saw it last before heading home. If you've been to Disney, the process is the same. Get a map, check out its schedules and go to anywhere want to go to. We did get to watch their bird show (of different varieties like flamingos, pelicans, parrots) and a fiercer version of them (hawks, eagles, vultures). They also have an area where it contains only owls and it was worth it. I got to see large owls half the size of my body, even those that live only in the Arctic. The last kind of birds that we saw were the penguins. I just love sitting in front of them and watching them stare at the ceiling like they're hypnotized or something. Plus when they walk and swim, they're just so adorable.

During lunch, we tried out their noodle special while my wife ordered the rice beef special. The chicken tasted good but I was disappointed when I gobbled up my noodles. It looked orange so I thought it was Spaghetti or something. Turned out to be something different. Too spicy, and kinda raw? like the Koreans' delicacy Kimchi. I didn't get to finish it all because if I did, I'd puke next from too much spice. Spice is alright, it was just how it was fixed that it tasted something that I was not used to.

Their rice aftertaste also tasted like "suman". I forgot what the English word for that is. Still, a 5$SGD price aint bad considering the serving content was mucho. Aside from checking out the birds and the shows, they also have a panorail train going around the whole bird park with 3 station stops. The ticket also lets you redeem a free pearl, though we weren't able to because we lost our tickets, tsk!

They also have an area where you can feed the parrots. Just shell out 2$ SGD and you get some sort of liquid that parrots love to drink. Reach out your cup and they'll freely land anywhere on your arm or anywhere near the cup and start drinking on it. If they're on your arm and they poop on you, tough luck! haha!

We went home a little late because we actually weren't sure which bus to take going home to my friend's place. Taking the MRT was better because for every station stop they would announce what station it was. At least you'd be guided then, unlike riding the bus you would have to familiarize yourself with the area because it doesn't stop at every bus stop unless someone presses the STOP button.

We were lucky that one of our other friends also rode in the bus with us at some point during our trip so we needn't had to worry reaching home. We checked in at our hotel later that night and decided to sleep the night and rest rather than exhausting ourselves more after a tiring day ...

More pics of Jurong Bird Park [ HERE ].

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