Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Red Carpet

This ain't the Oscars but it still was good enough for me. We caught a very lucky break. While roaming around L.A. we went to the Kodak Theater to check out the famous venue whenever the Oscars are held.

Near it, is where you can also find the famous signatures of actors and actresses embedded on the floor cement with star logos under it.

While roaming around Kodak Theater and checking out the other expensive boutiques, there was already noise outside made by bands.

We never knew what it was all about until we checked it out. Surprisingly, it was the Christmas Parade! Boy were we lucky.

This was also the time when tv-stars show themselves and during this time, they were riding classic cars.

Unlucky for me the only tv-series that I was familiar with was Ugly Betty and America Ferrera wasn't even there. I do not know who those other actors were since I don't watch that series.

But hey, I still got to see celebrities even though I am not familiar with most of them.

We got to have our pictures taken in front of a famous movie house where its entrance looks like a large chinese temple gate.

On the sidewalk is where you'll see celebrity stars with their names and signatures on it. While the parade was going on, we dined inside hOOters (check my previous post).

The red carpet spans a very long road and after an event is done, the city personnel quickly moves in to clean up the place as it's business as usual next. I enjoyed watching the Christmas Parade, more so because the weather was cold. I just love the cold weather!

More pictures [ HERE ].

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