Monday, July 7, 2008

NBA Live! Seattle Supersonics @ Orlando Magic (Nov 2007)

Finally! It had been my dream to watch an NBA Game. While I would have preferred to watch the Lakers in L.A., anywhere was fine with me since it was free haha. So instead, we watched Orlando's team gut it out with Seattle.

Once I got in the entrance of their stadium, I was met by a pretty young sexy and beautiful cheerleader. I did not know she is one until I saw her dance during the intermissions. I thought she was just an usherette at the entrance greeting fans and handing out freebie t-shirts. Yeah! Doesn't matter if I got a freesize t-shirt, I loved it.

Watching an NBA game is never boring (unless the team you're watching is already boring). During intermissions and timeouts they always have gimmicks in hand like throwing freebies or having some contests at halftime or doing the kiss-a-thon when you're shown in the jumbotron (the square thing at the top middle of the areana that has screens and scoreboards on all sides).

Their seats are pretty comfy too. Plus my sis got to use her pompoms. I kept mine for remembrance sake hehehe. The game was good, at least it featured all-stars like Dwight Howard and Rashard Lewis.

The bad thing about this game was that they played a bad Seattle team that lost Ray Allen to the Boston Celtics and was stuck with a young team with not much experience.

The game was so lopsided we went home when there were still 5 minutes left in the game just to avoid traffic. It's bad going out with all the fans at the same time. Had fun watching the game and I still have my shirt with me in good condition to this day ;)

P.S. 2012, check on this post and I have to post a note that the freebie shirts given to us were damaged.


Tey said...

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anneberly said...

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chitgoks said...

@anneberly: you will ;) took me 32 years to get there lolz

@tey: that's a great idea! lolz! i'm actually advertising them too hehe

BeverLy's Secret said...

I so want to watch NBA live!!!

gLoR!e said...

like this. one day soon i can also watch them live..heheh

its entertaining here..happy wednesday!:)


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