Sunday, July 6, 2008

Hoover Dam

This dam got even more famous after the Transformers Movie live-action was released in theaters. The scene where the dam's body was first shown during Starscream's first robot-mode transformation. The area was also the place where Megatron was kept frozen until he broke free. Prior to departing for Las Vegas I asked my cousin what his plans were. When he told me about visiting Hoover Dam, I asked myself, "a dam? what's so special about it?". Like I'm that ga-ga over a dam? When he mentioned it was in the Transformers Movie, it totally changed my preference from not really excited in going there to looking forward to being there he he he. It is not far from Las Vegas which was why we were able to stop on that location before proceeding to Las Vegas.

We only got to pose for pictures outside the dam as during that day it was closed for whatever reason that was which I forgot. They also had this very high bride under construction I was so impressed with it that I had to take a picture of it ;). We spent around 2 hours roaming around the area for pictures. The weather was not that good that time. If it was sunny we would have gone to the Grand Canyon as Arizona was just behind the mountains on the area that Hoover Dam occupies. My uncle said checking out the Grand Canyon on a not so good weather would be equal to plain useless and your camera shots won't produce the beauty when the sun sets. More pics here.

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