Thursday, November 19, 2009


Man, I can't believe I had a 3 month layoff from writing even a short post in this blog. I kinda got tired trying to flashback myself when I was actually on vacation. Got tired and lazy, hence the very long post absence.

But I have decided to continue posting about my adventures, though not in a sequential way. I will randomly post about my trip as I feel like it.

My first post after this very long layoff is about HOOTERS! Weeeee! That sure got me interested haha. Not many of us outside America may be familiar with this franchise. But I sure am ;). You know, girls with tight short shorts, fitting sleeveless top outlining a woman's curves side and front. The Hooters diner we went to was in L.A. and during the Christmas Parade (another lucky break, will post about the red carpet after this).

One we got in ... ... ... woooot. 90% of the girls there are beautiful! Young, hot, and well ... very accomodating (as I'm sure they'd be fired if they'd act all grumpy in front of the customers). We got an even luckier break! The girl who served us looks a lot like Jennifer Love Hewwitt.

She is beautiful I can tell you that. Petite, but nonetheless made it up with her looks and sexy body. The food we ate there were somewhat made for breakfast. I think they were more of the carbo type. I checked out their other waitresses, so young, vibrant and just hot.

I soooo wanted to date her ... but well, I'm not the type who doesn't mind making moves in front of my cousins and siblings. And I have a girlfriend, so I didn't push through with my intent haha. We had our picture taken though, ratz! My picture was so blurry my brother was luckier.

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