Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Washington DC

Home of the White House. This was part of the 2nd day of our Tour. The others were Philadelphia and Niagara Falls as the last stop.

We pretty much toured around places in Washington that have purposes like the Washington Monument, which looks like a laser obelisk in the Command & Conquer game.

It actually does emit a light, that, uh, I forgot what its purpose is. We were not able to go inside the White House because they are strict now ever since the September 11 attacks.

Those who want to go inside will have to secure a special permit. So here we were, just taking pictures of it outside the premise. As in, we did not even at least go past beyond the gate entrance.

We did not get a good view of the White House because of the trees. We didn't take too long in Washington, I guess those were the important ones. In the picture, you can see the sun's brightness. Even so, the weather was still cold.


faeryrowan said...

i've fallen in love WITH washington, dc when i was there. if i were to live in any state in the US, it'd be the capital. blema lang kay mahal. hay! =)

Anonymous said...

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